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La Vela Più

Via Calprino 20, Paradiso, Switzerland

This beautiful residence of only 5 units was born from the perfect encounter between technology e nature. A new idea of housing that embodies the countless advantages of technology and the benefits of nature. In this Green House, intelligent eco-friendly products take care of the environment, efficiency and energy control of the house.


  • Magnificent 2.5 rooms with garden livable and walk-in closet;
  • 3.5 Rooms with ample garden...good exposure;
  • 3.5 Rooms with ample panoramic terrace;
  • Wonderful Penthouse Duplex place on the penultimate and last floor with breathtaking view.

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X-Lam Technology: All the advantages of a house with a wooden core

Anti-seismicity, fire resistance, efficient casing, performance plants: Ferretticasa combines all these aspects into a single building using X-lam, which ensures durable and eco-friendly structures.

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  • Durability
  • Energy saving
  • Living Comfort
  • Seismic safety

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The project

In the heart of Paradise, in a panoramic and exclusive position, between the slopes of the San Salvatore and the shores on Lake Ceresio was born the project La Vela more.

Each building has its own history and this is the story we like to tell:

La Vela Più, our project oriented to the future of contemporary living, develops in full harmony with the territory, in full respect of the environment and those who will dwell on it.

When we choose where to dwell, we decide the type and quality of life we want.
La Vela Più is the pleasure of being able to choose, after a busy day of work, to open the door of the house and find the harmony of its private space between the green hills and the blue of the lake, relax and well-being in the heart of the cosmopolitan city.

The essence of living in a space tailored for you and your needs with a beautiful lake view. A unique place that allows us to create a direct dialogue with nature, where the landscape enters your home becoming an integral part of it.

The solutions of La Vela Più


    4.5 Duplex rooms with lake view

    Via Calprino 20, Paradiso

    CHF 2.480.000
    • 3 Bathrooms
    • 3 Rooms
    • Local
    • 238 sqm.
  • 3.5-room apartment lugano paradiso Look

    3.5 rooms with panoramic terrace and lake view

    Via Calprino 20, Paradiso, Switzerland

    CHF 1.029.000
    • 1 bathroom
    • 2 Bedrooms
    • 3 Rooms
    • 110 sqm.
  • Look

    3.5 with private garden

    Via Calprino 20, Paradiso, Switzerland

    CHF 1.045.000
    • 1 bathroom
    • 2 Bedrooms
    • 3 Rooms
    • 135 sqm.
  • Sold

    2.5 rooms private garden

    Via Calprino 20, Paradiso, Switzerland

    • 1 bathroom
    • 1 bedroom
    • 2 rooms
    • 108 sqm.
  • Sold Look

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