"Nothing is more artistic than a job well done and to work well today you have to think of tomorrow" This is the teaching of Giuseppe Ferretti (great-grandfather). Our history, an entrepreneurial history characterized by enthusiasm and innovation.

The family

Four generations of Ferretti, all projected towards a single purpose: to face new challenges, with enthusiasm always listening to the needs of those who live the house.

Just as his father fifty years earlier began a new adventure leaving the family business Ferretti company to found the Ferretticasa spa, so Paolo Ferretti after a twenty-year experience in Ferretticasa Spa, Italian real estate company operating in Bergamo and province with a share capital of 5 million euros, 132 shipyards, 5400 apartments built on the territory, Fonda la Ferretticasa S.A.

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Ferretticasa S. A represents a company that makes tradition and innovation its emblem, oriented to the future without forgetting the experience that comes from the past.

"A new generation Ferretti and a team of competent collaborators, make us a great team, here to continue our and your story".
Paolo Ferretti
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