In recent years, people have rediscovered the love of wood, going to look for this material in their home choices. In fact, the wooden house is a trend that in recent years has experienced increasing growth, in Italy, but especially in Europe and the rest of the world.

For this reason, the construction market must cope with this new question: However, it is not enough to simply start building a wooden house. It is necessary to understand why this material is so successful and so glamorous, so as to be able to satisfy the demands, indeed the desires, of those who want a new house, with solutions that know how to enhance the material.


The response of the Ferretti family was that of the X-Lam technology, which offers all the advantages of a normal home, but that adds the benefits of the wood core. It is the result of a boost to innovation and research, which are the basis for designing the present and inventing our future. This constant commitment leads us to realize more and more avant-garde constructions.


But what is this additional value that brings a type of construction like that?

Let's look into this question.



Due to its peculiar nature of live material, Wood exhibits a series of unique properties that can be addressed in creating comfort and well-being in the building sector.

Among these characteristics, we find the breathability: The wood, in fact, is able to "breathe", absorbing the excess moisture present in the environment and dropping it when the air is dry.

It is therefore a sort of natural regulation of humidity, with all the benefits that derive from health and comfort. The breathability of the wood also has an effect on the dust, "aspirate" and thus bringing an additional element of well-being for the inhabitants.



The wood constructions have an almost nil environmental impact: The materials used are, by definition, natural and eco-sustainable, allowing to contribute to the preservation of the environment.

It is not just the purchase of a comfortable dwelling, it represents an investment for a better future, for the well-being of what is the home of all, or our land.



Energy efficiency:

The intrinsic characteristics of wood, in synergy with the best technologies available, allow the wooden houses to achieve a very high energy efficiency, whose results are capable of unhinge many prejudices of the culture of the brick.

This is the demonstration of extraordinary qualities compatible with the future vision of the sustainable home: the wooden houses guarantee a reduction of CO2 in compliance with the Kyoto protocol regulations.

Each wooden house represents a qualitative and economical investment that is enjoyable over time and, combined with a prefabricated philosophy, responds in advance to the environmental and energetic urgency that are changing the way we live.


Wood Properties:

Wood in general is an excellent building material due to a set of physical characteristics that make it easy to work, such as: tensile strength, compression, flexion, elasticity, low specific gravity, thermo-acoustic insulation.

The resistance of wood has been tested several times in countries with high seismic risk and, although apparently counter-intuitive, also has an excellent response to fire.

Therefore, the wooden houses, if well made, can last centuries, and are proof of the many buildings scattered throughout the world. The length of the life of each building is however connected to the treatments that must be carried out on the wooden parts that remain in contact with the atmospheric agents.

The sum of these characteristics outlines a way of living that puts at the center the good of the person, as health, comfort and economic advantage, and the entire planet, thanks to greater energy efficiency. House after house, whether wooden or not, we want to improve tomorrow.