New apartments for sale in Lugano Paradiso. The Sail more

In the heart of Paradise, in a panoramic and exclusive position, between the slopes of the San Salvatore and the shores on Lake Ceresio was born the project LA VELA more.

The family bond is consolidated by a comfortable, clean and safe home; at the same time, with the apartments for sale in Lugano consolidates a healthy emotional stability both for you and for the people you care about most.

The construction company Ferretticasa was founded in 1967, but its history is much longer, as it has a very extensive experience in industrial construction before residential construction. For over 100 years we have maintained our goals of excellence and innovation in terms of more comfortable and environmentally friendly construction and design techniques. And every time we add more quality, more efficiency and more experience. Our apartments for sale in Lugano characterize the essence of the city, blend together and become part of the beautiful landscape that surrounds them.

Our Principles

The fundamental principle at Ferreticasa is to guarantee the protection of our customers in all aspects. We try to give you an apartment that when you live there, you will feel amazed, comfortable and truly at home. And this is only possible with our policy of the highest quality infrastructure. Not only are we committed to building strong and safe homes, but we also put a lot of emphasis on reducing energy consumption and carrying a label in support of the culture of sustainable living.
Therefore, we always look for constructive and design solutions that are suitable for this lifestyle. The apartments for sale in Lugano are more than a simple property to buy, they are a symbol of architectural innovation because we declare ourselves friends of the environment. In addition to providing you with solid ownership, we also work to improve the world we all live in.

A family tradition that is passed down,
From father to son for 110 years.  

Buying a house or building it from scratch is always an important step. A change of home represents a drastic change in your life, both because you are looking for a more pleasant or safer space and because you need more space as your projects and your family grow. In any case, at Ferreticasa we know the importance of this step and we give you the confidence you need to feel secure when you make a decision. We always seek dialogue for effective communication, so we listen carefully, we want to know everything you feel and want because that is our goal. We simplify every step, always respecting your vision and what you want to build.

Constant research and development to offer you a home designed for you and in harmony with the environment. We study carefully the projects, we analyze in detail the realization, the aesthetics and the functionality, to make the product an excellent investment, aware that the house is not only a building but a place of the functional heart, beautiful, durable and emotional .

"Nothing is more artistic than a job well done and to work well today you have to think about tomorrow"this is the teaching of Giuseppe Ferretti (great-grandfather). Our history, an entrepreneurial history characterised by enthusiasm and innovation.

Our values: Trust:our experience guarantees you the best result.
Careful:we care about your needs and work according to your needs.
Simplicity:we make the process easier and faster.
Respect:we offer you the best customer service.

With Ferreticasa it's not just about taking up space. We conceptualize your vision and transform it into the house you dream of, we take care of all aspects of construction and design, always thinking about innovative and environmentally friendly techniques. Our strategies for the construction phases are managed with the strongest and best quality material in mind, the right and necessary tools for every detail, the most experienced, intuitive and innovative human capital and all the measures and rules to be followed to treat our planet well.
The apartments for sale in Lugano, Switzerland, are exclusive and ecological houses, so they are proof of our impeccable work. We are present in the execution of every task in every project. And we make sure in the best way possible that all the construction and design elements are coordinated and blend into a wonderful blend that results in a pleasant and safe space.

The experience of living your home in an innovative way

Our Plus: Being close to our customers by ensuring a turnkey service, forbearing at every stage from design to furniture with a service "Tailor Made".

The soul of your home is highlighted in every detail, and the furniture and components that make it up give it your personality. When you buy one of the apartments for sale in Lugano by Ferreticasa, you will have at your disposal a specialized staff that will take care of all your furnishing needs. We know that a solid foundation and a correct and secure infrastructure are the foundations that will give you confidence, but the final finish and the organization of the spaces is of fundamental importance to us.
Our 1500 square meters of showroom in Canton Ticino, offers numerous areas for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms, gardens and a wide variety of additional finishes. You visualize and choose, we make it.
What excites us most about our work is the bond we establish. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with each of our clients to have fully customized projects. You are the center, you are the world, and Ferreticasa revolves around you.

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Our Values

Our Features